Shifter Bezel


Add some styling to your 6-speed shifter with this bezeled trim piece.

Item Added: 6/18/20

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That plain-looking Fiesta ST shifter sure could use a boost with a bezeled trim. Choose a color that matches your favorite interior lighting, your shift knob color, or your Recaro seat color for some extra pop in your interior. Optionally, you can paint the trim for your own desired look!

Add a matching Cubbyhole Extender for added impact.

Note 1: This product does not currently include any adhesive. I recommend using some standard thin double-sided tape from Scotch or another brand and apply on the suggested areas as shown in the product photo gallery.
Note 2: The plastic around the shifter boot has a slight curve to it, so the rounded corners of the Shifter Bezel may be raised very slightly off the surface. This is not very noticeable.

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Bright Blue, Hot Pink / Magenta, Orange, White, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Purple, Gray


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