Accelerator Pedal Cover and Spacer Combo


Improve heel-toe shifting in your Fiesta ST with an easy-install pedal cover and spacer combo.

Fiesta ST Accelerator Pedal Spacer in Gray, Red, and Black
Fiesta ST Accelerator Pedal Cover installed on Pedal Assembly, quarter view


This pedal cover and spacer combo each raise the accelerator gas pedal by 10mm (3/8″) and provide the flexibility to raise your accelerator pedal by either 10mm (3/8″) or 20mm (3/4″) to greatly improve pedal placement for heel-toe shifting. Try them together and separate to find the ideal placement for you.

Use them together to raise your pedal height by a total of 20mm (3/4″) and bring the pedal 20mm closer to your brake pedal for even easier heel-toe shifting.

  • Choose your preferred pedal height – 10mm or 20mm
  • Widens pedal 20mm (3/4″) closer to the brake pedal
  • Easy installation and removal
  • No permanent modifications
  • Includes all hardware and hex wrench for Pedal Cover screws

For off-road use only.

Read the Safety Disclaimer and Installation Instructions

COMPATIBILITY: All Razzter products are designed for the Ford Fiesta and Ford Fiesta ST 6th Gen Mark VI (US), otherwise known as 7th Gen MK VII (UK) between years 2008 – 2019. Some Ford Fiesta’s made in these years vary depending on vehicle trim designation and region. It is the buyer’s responsibility to look at the product photos and confirm that the product is compatible with the car before purchasing.

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Ford Fiesta ST 2013–2019 MK7 (US Market)




  1. Alexis Gerard (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure the cover and spacer would fit the MK8.5 but i took the risk to order the combo. Package arrived in perfect condition. Both parts fit perfectly on the car. Installation is easy and smooth if you follow razzter’s guide. The yeven threw in an extra keychain ! love it !

  2. Echo Stanley (verified owner)

    It’s taking some getting used to after working with the tiny Fiesta pedals, but I really like the feel of having a wider gas pedal, and I’m actually able to practice heel-toe shifting now so I’m pumped. Great products, I’m using both the spacer and cover.

  3. K Nguyen (verified owner)

    Installed the Accelerator Pedal Cover on my FiST and cannot emphasise strongly enough how greatly it has improved the driving experience. Heel-toe shifts are a delight now. No issues w/left-foot braking with pedal cover on. For reference, on average, I wear size EU42 shoes (US9). Installation is super easy with tools provided. I highly recommend it to any Fiesta owner!

  4. Kurt Stephan (verified owner)

    Another great product from Razzter. This is how the pedal setup should have come from the factory. The parts are extremely well-designed and manufactured, and installation was very straightforward (and easily reversible, if necessary). I’ve had my FiST for five years and was never able to heel and toe with any consistency until making this mod. It’s like a whole new car on the twisty backroads!

  5. Harold McDavid

    Recently installed the pedal cover and already had a pedal spacer and this cover is fantastic. Easy to install, well built, and performs great! easily the best way to improve the FiST pedal box without the hassle of other methods which include drilling through the pedal, cutting pedals studs, etc…

  6. Will Coyle (verified owner)

    I installed the pedal spacer and cap. Heel toe is so easy to do now. Like others said, it is right there and you only need slight movement of your heel to catch the gas pedal. Great product!! Easy install.

  7. Dave Longo (verified owner)

    I put the pedal and pedal spacer on yesterday and the gas pedal is now right there. So much easier to feather the throttle and It heel toes so easily it’s almost scary. Most likely because I was used to rolling my foot off the edge of the brake to the gas pedal in our cars. Now it almost seems like the gas pedal is in the way when I start braking. lol I am sure I will get used to it. Drove to long with the stock Ford setup!

  8. David Young

    I already had a pedal spacer, but I got the pedal cover and it works as advertised. That little bit of extra height and pedal surface makes for some easier heel-toe action. It’s on there solid and it looks and feels great. I’m quite happy with everything I’ve gotten from Razzter, and recommend it to anyone with a Fiesta.

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