Center Console Removable Cup


Easily remove small items from the bottom of your Fiesta’s center console with this removable cup insert.

Date Added: 8/2/2018

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Fishing out loose change and small items from the bottom of the Fiesta’s center console is super annoying, so I took it upon myself to 3d model and print this removable cup to make it convenient to store and remove stuff down there. It also features a finger-hold to be able to effortlessly grab and pull the cup out.

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Weight 1.474 oz

Bright Blue, Hot Pink / Magenta, Orange, White, Yellow, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Purple, Gray


  1. Tx Hill Country @

    Awesome! Saying I’ve loved my center console cup and lid is a huge understatement, I barely even think about it these days as it feels like something that could/should have been included stock. I’m going to pick up the E-Brake Black Hole cover and the Accessport Mount….and I don’t even have an accessport yet. Thanks for all the work you’ve been putting into this, it’s awesome to have support like this from the community.

  2. Fistpoundin @

    Got all my stuff the other day, will post photos later today but just wanted to let anyone that is on the fence about purchasing from this fine gentleman know you are in great hands. Great product, great fit and great scott.

  3. VersaceSprite @

    Fit and finish is spot on, I’m very happy. I chose the red cup with the idea that it might make it easier to see what’s down in there at a glance versus the black.
    Red Removable Cup

  4. Ford ST @

    Just got the mail. The fit is on the money. Good job.
    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3

  5. D1JL @

    This is good stuff.

    I have been using the console cup and lid since Razzter first made them.
    I believe it has been almost a year now and they are great.

  6. jeff @

    Great job man got mine today. Fit is perfect quality is excellent. I appreciate the keyring thing too I’m gonna do something epic with that.

    Unboxing this part prompted me to then install it which meant cleaning out that compartment. Holy small fingers Batman how did they ever expect anyone to get in there? I found stuff in there I forgot about 3 years ago. A guitar pick, a very stale mint, a mini flashlight with dead batteries, a key to my mom’s house I’ve been hunting for. Fitting one’s fingers in that small area to retrieve anything small is a PITA.

    This part solves that problem. I put all the small stuff in the box, covered it, and put my cords and bigger stuff on top.

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