A-Pillar Mount for AccessPort


Mount your Cobb AccessPort or other devices to your Fiesta’s A-Pillar with this custom mount.

Date Added: 12/12/19


Attach your Cobb AccessPort or other devices to your Fiesta’s a-pillar for a nice clean installation away from your center console.  The mount comes in three pieces so that the bracket can be easily removed from the a-pillar when not in use, and the attachment plate for the switched out.

The included adapter attaches to your Cobb AccessPort mount.

Includes the following 5 pieces:

1x – Mounting plate for AccessPort clip
1x – Mounting plate for custom use
1x – A-Pillar clip
1x – Bracket

Not included: Cobb AccessPort or AccessPort holder.

* Read the Installation Instructions Here *

Additional information

Weight 2.02 oz


  1. Jon Peshek (verified owner)

    This works really well! I was surprised that it was in so many pieces when I first got it and I was concerned about why you would make so many pieces. Once I installed it I realized it’s in pieces so you can leave the clip attached to the A pillar and remove the entire rest of the assembly, which is perfect for me since I only use my Accessport a couple of times a year. Really nice build quality too. Highly recommended.

  2. crwhite227 (verified owner)

    Got my A-pilar and cubby extender. Look so nice and fitment is right on! You need to mount your accessport stop and order. For the price you cam not beat it. Keep up the great work. In the future i will be picking up the rest from center counsel to black hole block. Thank you

  3. Daniel Burns

    Just got mine installed from Christmas, great product

  4. Aidan Lynch (verified owner)

    You rule! All my product fits great and thank you for the little keychain! 🙂

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    This thing is great! Works perfectly, and looks good, too. Got a little ST key fob with it, and I really like that, too. A+!

  6. Paul Anderson (verified owner)

    Great product! Quick shipping, really nice quality. One word of caution: the edges can be a little sharp

  7. Adam

    Perfect fitment and similar style mount to Cobb’s. Only difference is the price is much better. Thank you!

  8. Aaron Konkler (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Great innovation and for the price it can’t be beat! Fitment was spot on! Even did it in a color he had that I wanted to try!

  9. majpmajp @ FiestaSTForum.com

    Thank You & Happy New Year!

    All three products arrived today and have been properly placed.

    Great purpose, intent and execution on your part.

    Take care and keep creatively developing!

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