Cap for Light Sensor — Daytime Running Lights Mod



Introducing a very modest solution for a modest benefit:

Running headlights during the day greatly improves visibility of your car by other motorists, improving your safety on the road. Unfortunately, the Fiesta ST does not feature daytime running lights. The Auto Headlight Sensor Cap snaps over top of the auto headlight sensor, making the car always sense that it is night time. By doing this, you can leave your headlights on auto-mode, and they will be automatically turn whenever your car is on, day and night.


  • Run with headlights on during the day
  • Headlights turn on automatically when you start the car
  • Headlights turn off automatically when you turn off the car
  • Leave headlights on auto-mode
  • No need to mess with headlight settings
  • Prevents forgetting to turn off the headlights after parking the vehicle

The sensor is located on the center of the dash where it meets the windshield.

Alternatively, you can simply disconnect the sensor from the pigtal and leave the wires hanging there, but… this is a much cleaner solution.

This product is really intended to be an add-on purchase to your order.


  1. Cole Lambert (verified owner)

    Snaps onto dome sensor perfectly. Does what it’s suppose to do. I keep my head lights and fogs on Auto, and they stay on just like I want them to, all for less than $12.

    Simple, effective solution. Highly recommended.

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