Shifter Bezel Installation Guide

The shifter bezel comes with adhesive as shown. Care should be taken during installation to ensure good permanent adhesion.


1. Thoroughly clean the surface area around the shifter.

2. Before removing the adhesive backing, press firmly along the adhesive backings to ensure they are well attached to the shifter bezel.

3. Carefully remove the adhesive backing from each of the six adhesive strips, located as shown in the image. Be careful not to pull up the adhesive with the backing or bend or fold the adhesive.

4. Gently place the shifter bezel down around the shifter boot without applying pressure.

5. Check that the shifter bezel is placed well and make small adjustments if necessary.

6. Gently press each of the six adhesive areas down. Be careful to push down and not sideways so as to not stretch, pull, or move the shifter bezel.

7. Now firmly press along each of the adhesive areas to ensure strong adhesion to the vehicle.

Note: Avoid touching adhesive and surfaces to make sure they stay clear of debris and oil from your hands which will reduce the stickiness.