Upgrade Part for AccessPort A-Pillar Mount




** This is an optional upgraded replacement part for customers who purchased the AccessPort A-Pillar Mount prior to 5/30/21.
If you’re looking to purchase the full AccessPort A-Pillar Mount, click here.  **

The original AccessPort A-Pillar Mount used a material (PETG) which wasn’t suitable for use on the dashboard under the windshield where the temperatures can exceed 160°F on hot summer days. This upgraded part is made of a stronger material (ABS) which has much higher heat resistance and is more than sufficient for extreme interior car temperatures (up to 220°F). If the mount you purchased prior to 5/30/21 has warped in the summer heat or you’d like to proactively upgrade, buy this part to replace your warped piece.

I still recommend removing the A-Pillar Mount arm piece when the car is to be parked in extreme heat for an extended period of time and in direct sunlight.

To read more about the heat resistance of PETG and why I upgraded to ABS, click here.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please feel free to contact me.

The upgraded piece is labeled “V2” and greater.

This purchase only includes the piece pictured above.

Shipping is free on this item.