A-Pillar Mount Installation Guide

There are three components of the A-Pillar Device Mount.

  1. The Clip – attaches to the drivers’ side a-pillar of your Fiesta
  2. The Arm – attaches to the Clip and to the Mounting Plate.
  3. The AccessPort Mounting Plate – attaches to the mounting panel that came with your Cobb AccessPort. Note: Two extra universal mounting plates included.

Note: On hot summer days where inside car temps may reach 150°F when parked, be sure to remove the Arm piece and AccessPort to avoid the weight and extreme heat from causing the Arm to deform.

Install the Clip to the a-pillar

There are two heights which the Clip can be installed at onto the a-pillar.

Clip Upper Position

Plastic tab on a-pillar sits inside the notch on the Clip.

Clip Lower Position

Plastic tab on a-pillar is above the Clip.

  1. Slide the back of Clip around back of the a-pillar trim.
  2. Pull back the rubber molding from the front of the a-pillar trim.
  3. Push the clip over the plastic molding as shown.
  4. Firmly push the Clip until both top and bottom of clip snaps around the molding.

Install Mounting Plate onto Arm

  • Insert the three prongs of the arm into the back of the mounting plate.
  • Mount can be installed inverted to change the height.
  • Push firmly until the prongs are seated completely.

Install the Arm onto the A-Pillar Clip

Arm is fully seated into Clip
  • Slide the Arm down into the top of the Clip.
  • Press down firmly to ensure the Arm seats fully into the Clip
  • Fitment should be firm with little wiggle room.