Cup Holder Bezel Installation Guide

Removal of the OEM (original) chrome bezel

Tools needed:

  1. Prying tool, such as a flathead screwdriver
  2. Thin hard flat object for prying against, such as a palette knife, credit card, or butter knife.

Notes for removing the trim:

  1. The chrome trim is clipped in on 8 points.
  2. These clips are difficult to get loose. You will need to pry it out.
  3. This will break the chrome trim in the process.
  4. If you simply try prying it out, you will gouge the black plastic of your center console cup holders.
  5. To avoid this, when prying, insert another flat object underneath the prying tool to pry against that so that you are not applying pressure directly against the black plastic of the center console cup holders.
  6. See images below for examples:

Installing the Razzter Cup Holder Bezel

  1. Be careful not to break the clips on the Razzter Cup Holder Bezel, they are thin and fragile
  2. It’s okay if one or two clips break, as there are more than enough clips to hold the bezel into place with a few missing.
  3. Make sure the clip holes on your center console are clear and don’t have the original clips still stuck inside.
  4. Orient the Razzter bezel according to the spacing of the clips. The clips on one side are spaced further apart.
  5. Starting on the long sides, gently push the clips in, working your way around.
  6. Be gentle and work your way around, ensuring that its lined up.
  7. After getting them all in, push firmly to be sure its seated completely.

If you have any questions, reach out to me!

  • Thanks, JT