Razzter is my online shopping cart for interesting or useful 3D-printed accessories for the Ford Fiesta ST that I design and produce in my spare time.

Everything here is designed with attention to functionality, fit, and finish. They are manufactured by me in my home workshop using additive manufacturing (3D printing), an affordable and fun way to make cool things.

I started making designs for accessories that I found useful for the Ford Fiesta in the beginning of 2018 and posting them for sale on FiestaSTForum.com. Since then I’ve continued to work on new items based on suggestions from the community and whatever neat ideas come to mind.

All purchases support my hobby of making cool stuff and are greatly appreciated! Contact me if you have any questions or have a neat idea for product you’d like to see or a custom project you’d like to work on.


Installation Guides

Cubbyhole Extender Installation Guide

A-Pillar Mount for Accessport Installation Guide

Contact Me

Warranty and Returns

I guarantee the durability and fitment of my items and will send a free replacement (just cover shipping) for any failures under normal use. With 3D printing methods, small visual imperfections in the print are normal. Materials may get soft and deform when exposed to temperatures above 150 °F. Any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact me.

I do not accept any returns or refunds once items are shipped.


I ship all orders about once a week, and shipping time takes usually about 3-4 days. Shipping is a flat $7 within the US, $15 to Canada, and $35 for everywhere else.


Unless otherwise noted in the product details, all items are printed with PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate), a printable plastic that can withstand hot car temperatures exceeding 150°F.

Custom Projects

I take on custom projects for people who need 3d modeling and/or printing. If you’d like to work with me on a project, contact me!

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